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Final Cover


FAB Book 

By Nicole Damaris, Owner of NDG FIT


You’ve seen Nicole Damaris on TV and in magazines, showcasing her signature “Stiletto Workout”. Now in her first ever book Nicole reveals how you can adapt the NDG FIT lifestyle to achieve ultimate sexiness yourself.

Nicole offers tips on how to deal with problems that may be preventing you from achieving your ultimate sexy body, why focusing on yourself is the only way to win at transforming your body, how you can eat real good food and still achieve your goals, and most importantly WORKOUTS!

In the book, Nicole gives you a better understanding of NDG FIT’s Stiletto Workout and why it works, why it’s different from others, and the workout itself. You also get her bonus Fierce & Fit Total Body Workouts, as well as her 7 Day Detox Plan, Recipes, and more.

From self-esteem advice to workout and fitness secrets, NDG FIT’s FIT & FAB gives you an honest take on how to be FIT & FAB minus the FLUFF!

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